Friday Mystery Location 2019 – #10

Where, oh where?

Here comes the tenth mystery location post of this year….

This photo comes from one of my trips that I make for work, which may give a hint to frequent readers. The sentiment in this image is somewhat uplifting, although I find the message and graphics not in sync.

Where is this?

Where would I have found this?

For extra credit, who is in the image and see, if you can get the city…

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #09

How much bull do we have here?

Here comes the ninth mystery location post of this year….

The location photographed here has a lot of bull in it. I expect that I left enough clues in this image for the intrepid explorer to pin-point where I was standing when I captured it.

What can you tell me about this bull and its locale?

What a load of Bull!

Have fun and start exploring!

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #08

On a cold day…

Here comes the eighth mystery slide post of this year….

This week is another relatively easy location to find, although it may be harder to google it! There’s no single sign in this image that will give it away, but this harbor is fairly well-known. The snow might also give a good hint.

Which of these boats would you take out to sea?

An idyllic harbor

For bonus points, can you tell us about these boats and their use?

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #07

The Old Man and the Sea

Here comes a seventh mystery slide post of this year….

I expect that this week’s slide is an easy one to figure out, as it’s eminently google-able (is that even a word?). My challenge to you is to try and figure this out from the clues in the image without the aid of any search tool…

I look across the harbor, as I go out to the sea in my ship…

Where do I stand?

For extra bonus…try to pinpoint the year that this slide was taken! I’m looking to see how the car aficionados do with this!

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #06

Awesome woods and a peak!

Here comes a sixth mystery slide post of this year….

This week, we’re doing another entry from the wonderful collection of slides that I received from my father-in-law. This time, I do know exactly where this location is, as I have been there myself as well.

These are some lovely woods with great mountainous terrain…

Where could this be?

As a hint, I can tell you that this view no longer exists…

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #05

It looks warm here!

Here comes a fifth mystery slide post of this year….

This week’s entry comes from the boxes of slides that I received from my father-in-law. For full disclosure…I’m not 100% sure where the mystery location is, but I think that I know it… Based on the slide, I think the image was captured in the early 1960s.

There’s a nice view with a bay not too far away…

Box E – Image 124…where are we?

It appears to me that there are some old fortifications in this image. Where do you think this might be?

Friday Mystery Slide – 2019 #04

Beautiful and unusual…

Here comes a fourth mystery slide post of this year….

This week is another one from my travels, which narrows the location options a bit. The location features some unusual geology, which, to my knowledge, is available only at a couple of places on earth.

Here’s a view across this magnificent geology….

Unique Shapes…

Those stones are unusual and appear to rise from the depths of the earth.

Where is this location, and what else can you tell me about it?

Now that the location has been uncovered… Felix Mendelssohn wrote a lovely overture inspired by his visit to Fingal’s Cave on Staffa: The Hebrides.