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Views everywhere!

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Peek.  A bit of an interesting theme, as it allows us to take it into many directions, which today is a look back to bella Italia!

Our trip to Italy was a wonderful vacation, away from the fast pace of our daily lives to a leisurely enjoyed set of wanderings and discoveries!  There were lots of locations where we got a peek into history, a look down the alley or street, and, in general, the pleasure of seeing life in a different light.

Here’s a selection of places…

Hope you enjoyed this look back to our vacation and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Kitchen

Don’t throw it out yet!

Welcome to Week 82 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge.

Your takes on last week’s theme of Broken were simply fantastic!  With lots of creativity and plenty of broken objects, hearts and trust, but no broken promises!

It took a bit of searching to come up with a theme for this week; looking for some shiny objects (detours to update Lightroom CC, etc.)… Then I decided to look through unprocessed images from the 2013 Scotland vacation and came across this little gem! Out in the field, there it was!  So let’s make this week’s theme: Kitchen!

I think that many of you have found yourselves in or around a kitchen at some point, and that they may inspire you to a creative image or two!  Be they delicacies in the kitchen, or a showpiece of a kitchen, I’m confident that you’ll have fun presenting something along the kitchen line!

Here’s what got me started in this direction…

The Kitchen Sink

On the gorgeous island of Skye, we were exploring the field by the remains of Duntulm castle, when my eye caught this beautiful scene.  It must have failed to please a previous occupant of the castle, who though it might serve better as an artful decoration!  The kitchen sink served me very well for this image!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what catches your eye this week…

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 81

Broken, but always on the mend!

Welcome to the 81st round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!  The broken pieces came together beautifully in this week’s entries!

Your creativity shone through in the various ways that you treated this week’s theme: they ranged from practical, as household objects broke, to philosophical and very tender in the recognition of broken hearts.  I was very much touched by your posts, as they were both enjoyable and often very deep!

Thank you all for great posts!

What we encounter during our wanderings might leave us wondering…

Old, almost forgotten…

I encountered this interesting side of a barn at the Herring Era Museum in Siglufjörður, Iceland; the museum is an unassuming set of buildings and memorabilia that paint a wonderful picture of life during the boom years of the herring era.  Herring were plentiful, the work was hard, but there was money to be made!  If you get to Northern Iceland, check out this museum and the wonderful town of Siglufjörður.

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

    • Sarah kicked us off with a wonderful set of photos of the broken lava field in Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii in her post in By Sarah; she also created a second entry of a lonely broken post in By Sarah, so go check it out!!
    • In Folly’s Photoworld vol. 2, Petra shows of some wonderful things that were broken to make something rather yummy!
    • Xenia shares some wonderful images in whippetwisdom and a great haibun; oh yes, of course, the whippets are having a blast!
    • Robert’s photo in Photo Robert’s Blog shows us how a broken post can be a work of art!
    • Judy brings us some rather nice lifelessons in her entry, which features broken items, and has a happy ending!
    • This week, theonlyD800inthehameau shares on of his favorite photos in a living museum village; it is stunning!
    • Georgie takes us to Greece for a variety of wonderful broken items in Third Time Lucky, which are beautifully captured!
    • This week, pensivity101 goes deep with our theme, highlighting the way trust works: slow to earn, and hard to regain, once broken!
    • Candace breaks her pencil while coloring Granny Swears in her post in Netdancer’s Musings; wonder what those grannies were swearing about!
    • Poetry in Pictures takes us to the damage done by Nature in their entry this week!
    • In the Blog of Hammad Rais, we find that after the heavy rain, the sun’s rays will break the ground with their heat!
    • Bushboy shares a variety of broken objects in his post in Bushboy’s World, which are all very interesting!
    • Sunshine’s Snapshots shares the most broken thing in the world after another sleepless night: herself!  Hope you got some sleep!
    • Bullyboy presents us with a riddle in his post in Travel387; can you solve it, or do you have to peek for the answer?
    • This week in Black Body‘s entry we go to Berlin to find that behind every wall is another…
    • Nicole takes us to an interesting location in Une Photo, Un Poeme, as we find the broken menhir of Er Grah.
    • In Urban Liaisons we go into the winter season to find some beautifully photographed broken objects!
    • Ed takes us to several broken castles in his post in In my Mind’s Eye, one of which is in Ireland and the other is in Orlando!
    • Cee has some rather interesting broken objects in her post in her blog, Cee’s Photography!  Go check them out!
    • In Leaking Ink‘s entry of this week, we get to look at the story from two sides: were the rocks broken or a path created?
    • Nicole presents us with the beauty that lies in something broken in her blog, Doar Nicole; the flower may be broken, but its beauty persists!
    • In iball round the world, we go to Portugal in a district buzzing with construction, and dilapidated beauty!
    • Stella is dealing with some broken pipes in Giggles & Tales, as the street is dug up with new pipes going in.  Hope the repairs finish soon!
    • Debbie’s entry in her blog Travel with Intent has us experiencing a broken egg, with duck embryo; a delicacy in Viet Nam that is not for the faint of heart!
    • Debbie’s post in ForgivingConnects takes us on the path of bringing together the broken pieces of ourselves to healing with love and forgiveness!
    • Khürt’s post in Island in the Net tells us the tale of his old, broken Asahi Pentax Spotmatic.
    • Linda posted a wonderful photo of an old mine car in Linda’s Cr8tions 365!

Hope that you enjoy these posts!

A peek across the Forum

Politics and intrigue

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Peek.  A bit of an interesting theme, as it allows us to take it into many directions.

As I mentioned yesterday, there are a couple of images that came to mind.  Today’s image is also from this year’s trip to Italy and is probably one of my favorites.  In this photo, we get to look across the ages at a location that has had a significant impact on Western civilization: the Roman Forum.  Many political deals were made here, the fate of countries and people were decided and much intrigue played out!

Take a walk back into history…

Looking across the Forum

Looking from ancient to more modern in the background, one can walk and explore many events in one locale.

Hope you enjoyed this look back and have a wonderful day!

Time for a Peek!

A peek back in history

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Peek.  A bit of an interesting theme, as it allows us to take it into many directions.

The image that I decided on for this post is one from last weekend’s outing to Oxbow For my first image in a series for this week (yes, I thought of several already 🙂 ), we’re taking a peek down a quintessential street in the lovely town of Volterra in the province of Tuscany in Italy.  The added bonus in this image is the gentleman in the lower right of the image, who is also taking a peek down the street.

Take a breath of the atmosphere in Volterra…

Streets of Volterra

As you see, these streets are just filled with old World charm, taking us back through the centuries and leaving us to imagine all that has occurred here.

Hope you enjoyed this look back and have a wonderful day!

Wobbly Walk across the Ness

A gentle walk!

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has the theme of Pedestrian.  A rather quotidian topic that we can treat thusly!

Yes, it is a very pedestrian response, but this foot bridge in Inverness, Scotland, came to mind.  This bridge has some rather interesting features!  It is a truly lovely walk across the river Ness, which gets a bit more adventurous, as you depart from either shore.  This bridge has quite a bit of wobble and flex to it, which makes it feel somewhat like one of those old fashioned ravine crossing bridges!

Cross at your own risk…

Caution: bridge may wobble!

How many of you have crossed wobbly bridges?

Something Dutch 

Part of the Old World charm is that we have places where we get together to have a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of beer. These cafes usually have some light food fare, such as sate or a kroket (or croquette, a cylindrical breadcrumbed fried food filled with a mixture of potatoes and chicken with spices). 

Mart Café

I always enjoy going to a cafe to hang with my people 🙂