Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 206

Reach up and rise!

Welcome to the 206th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

My apologies for the very late posting of this round up; I’m finally coming up for air amidst all the business goings-on that are flowing forth from this pandemic of ours. I hope that you and yours are doing well during this testing time. At this point, I’ve recovered from the unusual experience of air travel during coronavirus adjustments.

Thank you for the amazing responses to the theme of Hope; as always, your creativity shows itself in many different expressions. Each with its own unique flavor and outlook.

Hope is around us, wherever we look…

Springing forth toward the sky…

Tower Hill Botanic Garden might be closed during this period, but rest assured that Nature’s design is not thwarted by any virus, as Nature, like all of us, might have to take a different path, as a destiny filled with hope lies ahead.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Michelle kicks things off for the theme with a great photo of rose apple in bloom in Take a Walk…and Discover! Awesome shot filled with hope!
  2. There’s nothing like the hope of that special bit of fortune at the races, as we see pictured in theOnlyD800intheHameau; is it a sure bet?
  3. Diane reminds us that each dawn brings new hope in her wonderful post in pensivity101; lovely post and photos!
  4. Bren brings us an absolutely stunning shot in her post in Brashley Photography; the magnolia blossom bud really brings the hope of Spring!
  5. Tatiana shares an amazing shot in her post in Giftsmart; the composition and colors just jump off the screen!
  6. Spring may be hiding, as we see in a great post in The Jesh Studio, but I expect that we’re hoping for its beauty and warming breezes everywhere!
  7. Carol brings us hope on the wing in her post in Light Words; that shot of the monarch butterfly is stunning and screams Spring!
  8. Nandini continues with her great haikus in her post in queennandini; she has a knack for them and lets the hope shine through!
  9. Viveka reminds us to appreciate the hope in our current situation and what people do to ensure we don’t lose sight of what’s important in a wonderful post in myguiltypleasures; thank you!
  10. Jackie’s collection of photos in JunkBoat Travels literally brings us signs of hope in several different ways; great post!
  11. There’s definitely a place where hope comes from, as highlight in a cool post in Does Writing Excuse Watching… star nurseries are the creators of the stuff that life is made of!
  12. Marianne brings us the hopeful vision of flowers in the Spring in her post in Kanlaon; those are truly beautiful!
  13. Hannah shares another stunning photo in her post in Zebra’s Child; hope very much springs alive in this image! Of course, Hannah brings us even more beauty in another post in Zebra’s Child that is filled with hope!
  14. Xenia’s post in whippetwisdom emphasizes how dog and human provide support for one another; they fill us with hope, as much as we provide it for them! In a second post in Tranature, we are treated to some more photos taken through the sphere lens…they are gorgeous!
  15. Teressa brings us the hope of renewal, as she highlights some of the forms that it might take in Nature in Another LQQk; wonderful post!
  16. Sandy demonstrates that hope springs forth in her post in Out of my Write Mind; not only from the ground, but also from her mind!
  17. In a wonderful post in Peace of Life Today, Lisa shows us a true vision of hope in all of Nature’s glory!
  18. Come to me, says the spider in a beautiful photo in Land of Images, where same spider holds out hope: for a meal!
  19. Mark shares an absolutely stunning shot in his post in Schlink’s Shots; the tenderness of the little flower is filled with hope!
  20. Sarah brings us a gorgeous shot of Australian Wattle in her post in By Sarah; the gentle shade of yellow cannot help, but bring hope!
  21. Nicole’s lovely photo in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme brings us hope for life on many levels: the flower, the bee, and ultimately, all of us!
  22. For this theme there’s another wonderful post in Don’t Hold Your Breath! Not only do we get to see more birds during this quiet, but we also get to hear them in this post! Thank you!
  23. Ken’s photo in Pictures without Film is filled with the luminescence that radiates the power of life from its every pixel; amazing shot!
  24. Cee always brings out some of the best in photography, and her photos in the post in Cee’s Photo Challenges are just fantastic!
  25. Hope emanates from every image in another lovely post in A Day in the Life; skipping along the beach is just one of those rare pleasures!!
  26. Deb has an eye for the unusual, as we can see in her photo in Twenty Four; the tableau is rather unusual, and evokes bon esperance!
  27. Ann-Christine finds a rather convincing array of hope in her post in To see a world in a grain of sand…! And I agree that hope will spread across the world!
  28. Woolly puts his sense of humor on full display in another great post in WoollyMuses! It reminds me of something a pilot once told me: Any landing that you can walk away from is a good landing…
  29. Debbie always manages to bring hope in her posts in ForgivingConnects, as she has worked through some difficult things in her life, and come out stronger and filled with hope! Inspirational!
  30. Brian not only brings us hope with the rainbow in his post in Bushboy’s World, but he also shares a stellar Hope and Glory!
  31. Jennifer shares her vision of hope in a great post in Jennifer Kelland Perry, Author; another great blog to follow!
  32. Louise’s post in Dare Boldly is absolutely filled with inspiration; if any post is worth the read, this one is it!
  33. Maria brings us a stunning flower in her post in Kamerapromenader; the wood anemone inspires us with its hope!
  34. Rita’s beautiful photo in Heart to Heart shares the hope of renewal with the trees that were topless in Winter; may their Spring cloak grow with abundance!

Please let all these wonderful authors know how much you enjoy their blog posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hope

Embrace hope!

Welcome to week 206 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

As we continue to connect around the globe, and Spring has started in the Northern hemisphere, I thought it might be time for a fresh outlook. That’s why I thought it might be good to set this week’s them to that of Hope! With the new season and lengthening daylight, each of us can feel a bit more hopeful about what lies ahead. Your challenge is to capture Hope in a manner that speaks to you in your posts and to spread as much hope as possible across this globe of ours!

Please have fun with this theme and, above all, be safe and healthy!

This is a moment of Spring’s promise from 8 years ago..

The Promise

This lovely blossom is a harbinger of better weather and fruits to be grown during the upcoming seasons.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Please be safe, communicate with one another and bring hope to all!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 188

A peaceful day at the beach

Welcome to the 188th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Thank you all very much for your creative posts on this week’s theme of Peace! It’s clear from your posts that each of you are passionate about the subject and that there’s much that we can do around the globe to work toward a more peaceful existence for all! I really appreciate the thought that you put into your posts, as they were wonderful to read!

Thank you for another great week!

Here’s another bit of peace…

Beached Order

For me, spending a cold January day out on the beach and capture some interesting images, as I’m surrounded by the peace and quiet of Nature. This particular day was after a week of heavy snow, so that there was still snow on the beach, which is not a frequent sight. The day was windy and cold, but my heart was filled with peace from the experience.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Our theme of peace is kicked off this week by Maria in Sagittarius Viking, as she takes us to a truly peaceful location in the Mojave Desert!
  2. Nicole shares a truly powerful image in her wonderful post in Une Photo, Un Poéme, as her image touches something inside all of us!
  3. In a wonderful post in her blog Sharing Thoughts, Indira captures one of those awesome moments!
  4. TiongHan shares another amazing photo in his post in TiongHan’s Blog; this is one of those images that you can just look at for hours!
  5. Diane provides some great peaceful images in her post in pensivity101; between gardening and dogs, it doesn’t get much better!
  6. Kammie brings some amazing skies in her post in Nut House Central, which provide a truly peaceful backdrop!
  7. The wonderful photo in Land of Images brings a complete sense of peace to my mind; it provides a great subject for meditation!
  8. Xenia, Eivor and Pearl enjoy the peace of the gentle surf that reaches for the shore in a great post in whippetwisdom. Xenia has a second post in Tranature that really breathes peace into life!
  9. I can understand why the location in theOnlyD800intheHameau is their go-to location for peace and relaxation in Abu Dhabi; what a pool!
  10. Na’ama shares another powerful poem in her post in Na’ama Yehuda, as she focuses on a piece of peace!
  11. Maria shares the peace that she feels when going for a walk with her camera in a great set of photos in Kamerapromenader; I particularly like the drops of water on the branch.
  12. Nandini brings us a wonderful set of haikus and images in another excellent post in queennandini; peace speaks loud in this post!
  13. Bren takes us back into the past with a wonderful pair of photos in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; both images give that sense of an era that was more peaceful…
  14. Jackie finds a peace sign in her post in Junkboat Travels, that we can find in the Distillery District in Toronto; great photos!
  15. Tatiana has found a great set of cold, snowy locations in her post in Travelways; it may be cold, but Montana, Idaho and Washington look stunning!
  16. Sandy brings us a complete sense of peace in her post in Out of my Write Mind, both through her photos and the stunning poem!
  17. David shares the sense of peace that he experiences photographing sunrises in David M’s Photoblog: I can relate to that sense of being one with the world around us.
  18. In radhikasreflection we get to experience peace through a lovely set of images that range from Nature to the spiritual!
  19. Viveka features a powerful symbol of non-violence in myguiltypleasures; the knotted gun is a centerpiece for activism that focuses on reducing and stopping violence in our society.
  20. Debbie features an amazing set of sculptures of giant hands that were part of the Biennale exhibition in Venice in her post in Travel with Intent; there are a stunning set of examples of how connections can be made!
  21. In another great post in A Day in the Life, we experience a sense of peace that is brought on by being near water; a sentiment that I can relate to!
  22. In a fantastic post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, we are introduced to an elephant orphanage, which allows these lost ones to find peace. Amazing place!
  23. Ann-Christine also features the knotted in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…; this sculpture was inspired by the shooting of John Lennon…
  24. Ken finds a moment’s peace in another great photo in Pictures without Film; wading just a bit into the surf and enjoying the moment is something that we can all appreciate!
  25. Brian features a great photo in his post in Bushboy’s World; the handshake is a strong symbol of reaching out and making peace.
  26. Russell captured a truly stunning stained-glass window in his post in Beautiful Photographs, which provides an inspirational image of peace!
  27. I agree that planting trees provides the seeds of peace and hope, as we see in a magnificent post in sgeoil; well done!
  28. Jez helps us focus on those that make peace possible in a great post in Jez Braithwaite; great reminder and photo!
  29. Hammad shares a poem that really gets to the essence of peace in a great post in the Blog of Hammad Rais; great combination with the photo!
  30. Deb captured a truly interesting post in her post in Twenty Four; its sentiment is spot on for this challenge!
  31. In a wonderful post in That Little Voice, we get to see Sergio and Radar quietly at peace with one another!
  32. A wonderful post in Ghost Dog shares the sentiment of giving peace a chance with a rather wonderful photo!!
  33. In another awesome post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0, we visit a rather peaceful locale, where it would be nice to experience Nature!
  34. Stef put together an amazing post in Ostendnomadography, where he features a Garden of Peace, which provides a wonderful counterpoint to a war cemetery.
  35. Irene found a truly peaceful spot in Rogers Lakewood Park in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine! Great photo!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 185

A precarious perch!

Welcome to the 185th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! First of all, my apologies for the delayed posting of this round up; I’ll do better for the current one!

There was plenty of creativity on display in your responses to the theme of Steep! There were some rather dizzying heights and the steepest of stairs to climb, as well as a couple of drinks that were appropriately steeped. It was an absolute pleasure to read each and every one of your posts!!

Thank you for all the creative energy that you put into these posts!!

Here is a rather steep perch…

Nesting on the Cliffs

These seagulls are nesting on the cliffs of the Isle of Staffa, off the coast of Mull; this uninhabited island is well-known for its large numbers of puffins. So I came armed with a stunning 400mm diffractive optics lens to explore the island and find absolutely zero puffins! There were plenty of seagulls, which were so easy to approach that I had to back up with this lens, so that they could fit in the frame of the picture…

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Ed was first out of the blocks this week with some great steep photos in his post in In My Mind’s Eye. Great stair climbing exercise there!
  2. Diane shows us that steep can be experienced from a boat in her post in pensivity101, as the other end of the lock is a lot higher up!
  3. With a couple of beautiful photos in TiongHan’s Blog we get a real appreciation of how steep things can be! That art installation is amazing!
  4. Nicole takes us into the Peak District in England with a gorgeous photo in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; Mam Tor is an inviting hike!
  5. Bren’s view of the Jurassic Coast in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography shows an amazing set of cliffs!
  6. Jackie had to do some serious climbing to visit the temple at Wat Hanchey in Cambodia! You can see in Junkboat Travels how steep it was!
  7. Eivor and Pearl are certainly not daunted by the steep hills that we get to enjoy in whippetwisdom; lovely photography and haibun!
  8. Russell found multiple uses for our theme in Beautiful Photographs, as the price of the steep steeple was rather steep; poor protestants!
  9. The lovely town of Sarlat has some incredibly steep roofs, as we can see with a gorgeous photo in theOnlyD800intheHameau!
  10. As we can see in the wonderful photo in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery, those cliffs are rather steep!
  11. Hohenzollern Castle in Germany is an amazing location, and the photo in F2.8_iso100 highlights its beauty very well!
  12. Cee’s photos in her post in Cee’s Photo Challenges definitely show off some steep locales; in particular, Mount Hood looks rather imposing down the road!
  13. The stairs in the photo in Na’ama Yehuda‘s post might be too steep to stand, but they do provide an opportunity for one of life’s little victories!
  14. Tatiana’s post in her blog Travelways takes us to Acapulco to a site that I visited many years ago: la Quebrada is well-known for its cliff divers, which is not something for the inexperienced! In her post in Vegas Great Attractions, Tatiana touts the benefits of jumping… I’m sure it is a thrill, but I’m not convinced to go out and do it! Would you?
  15. Maria takes us to a gorgeous area in her blog Sagittarius Viking; her photos of Sitegraves Pass make me want to visit it!
  16. Rupali gives us an amazing view of Bergen in the post in Mazeepuran; the climb up Stoltzekleiven must have been arduous, but worth it!
  17. Kammie brings us some great steep locations in her photos in Nut House Central; some of these look like they would be fun to climb!
  18. Cath works hard to overcome her fear of stairs, as we can see from her victory photos in Cath’s Camera; those are amazing locations, after which she has a well-deserved cup of tea…
  19. Jase takes an interesting approach to our theme in a cool post in Proscenium; you’ve got to build it up to make it steep!
  20. Ramya shares the view at the end of a tiring trek in And Miles to Go Before I Sleep…; the view is stunning!
  21. There are some great steep areas in New Jersey, as we see in the post in A Day in the Life; the Palisades look amazing!
  22. We get to have the fun in funicular in My Camera and I…, as we visit the Peak Tram in Hong Kong!
  23. Eric takes us to a location that cannot be denied steepness in From the Lens; the Grand Canyon certainly qualifies!
  24. Ann-Christine presents another amazing photo in her post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…; the location intrigues me, as that type of rock formation is unusual!
  25. Alice shares some rather steep views in her post in the 59 Club; the ascent appears nearly as harrowing as the potential descent!
  26. I’ll admit that in her post in Travel with Intent, Debbie takes steep to another level…that’s a scary place to work!
  27. Sandy makes us wonder, if we are so inclined, in her post in Out of my Write Mind; the ascent might be wonderful, even though it will be arduous!
  28. Maria reminds me of one of the reasons that I want to go back to Iceland in her post in Kamerapromenader; the Nature is simply breathtaking!
  29. David presents an incredible view of Bickerton Hill in Cheshire in his post in David M’s Photoblog: the colors in this image are stunning!
  30. In a gorgeous post in Wanderlust and Wonderment, we get to visit to amazing sites: Bryce Canyon and Masada; a world apart, both are imposing.
  31. Chris’ post in What’s (in) the Picture? takes us inside a wonderful bit of architecture and an interesting museum!
  32. Aletta takes us to a wonderful location in her post in Now at Home, as we get a great view of a gannett colony in a special location in New Zealand.
  33. Irene looks down a rather steep drop toward the coastline in a wonderful photo in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; the variety of blue of the water is eye-catching!
  34. Deb showcases another amazing photo in Twenty-Four; the surf beating against the steep rock is stunning!
  35. Teressa certainly visits some gorgeous locations, as we can see in her post in Another LQQK; Gibbons Falls in Yellowstone should be on anyone’s must see locales list!
  36. It’s good to bring your wife with you on the trail, as we find out in Fleeting Muse; on that steep trail, she was a true lifesaver!
  37. Nandini wrote some wonderful ‘steep’ haikus for her post in queennandini; and those climbs are rather steep as well!
  38. The steps of Montmartre are rather steep, as Susan shows in her post in Musin’ with Susan! Also, please check out Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan; the colors on that hummingbird are truly iridescent!
  39. In a truly interesting post in Sweet Aroma, Oneta shares the wisdom of a child, as the impact of steepness is pondered.
  40. With another set of stunning photos, Robert brings us some rather steep angles in Photo Roberts Blog!
  41. Amy takes us to the top of St. Albans Cathedral in Photography Journal Blog, where she details both the event and her treatment of the image.
  42. Jez looks up in the world, as he finds a wonderful variety of steep views in his post in Jez Braithwaite: this goes to show that there’s more than one way to look at things!
  43. The gorgeous photo in the post in Land of Images brings us to the steep-le of St. Walburge’s Church in Preston; looks stunning!
  44. In this week’s entry in sgeoil we are inspired by John Keats to climb with him the steep, Nature’s Observatory; great photo as well!
  45. Woolly brings us a feature of cows that I had not considered in Woolly Muses: on steep terrain, such as in Switzerland, they have shorter front legs! You’ll want to check this out!
  46. Oh noooo! There’s no doubting that the snow is too steep for some in a wonderful post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0; awesome post!
  47. Elizabatz tours the world for amazing, steep locales in her post in Albatz Travel Adventures. There’s one location that I have visited among them; which ones have you seen?
  48. Marie put in the effort along a long climb in Genoa to get the great view we see in The New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect; the way down was much easier!
  49. Khürt brings us the favorite drink of a civilized world with a stunning photo in Island in the Net; it is well-steeped and beautifully photographed!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 182

Storm clouds gather

Welcome to the 182nd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

The content of your back catalog of images and memories is truly stunning! It was an absolute pleasure to read all of your posts and I very much appreciate the effort that you put into them. I hope that the memories were a fun experience for you as well!

Here is another one from my back catalog…

Storm clouds gather over Ball Hill.
Storm clouds over Ball Hill

This is a photo from one of my early posts in this blog (back in 2011); Ball Hill used to be part of my daily commute and produced a great number of amazing views over the years (including the Yoga Tree). On this day the clouds were rolling in and looked to be carrying the threat of more snow…

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Nicole takes us deep in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme, both in going back to a trip to Romania and the events at that location…
  2. Shelley takes us into a magical fantasy in Quaint Revival, as we go skydiving… on dandelion fluff!
  3. Kammie’s post in her blog, Nut House Central, shares some gorgeous photos; I really love that flower!
  4. Diane shares an amazing collection of flowers in her post in pensivity101: spectacular roses!
  5. In a lovely post in For the Love of…, Anita shares a story of Nature’s impact and asks us why things are left the way they are…
  6. It clearly is good to go back into our catalogs, as the photo in Land of Images is absolutely fantastic!
  7. Another fine example of our photographic skills improving with age is demonstrated in the theOnlyD800intheHameau; great new treatment of this photo!
  8. In a great post in Don’t Hold Your Breath, we get to see a beautiful panorama of Shanghai; that rain at home has its benefits!
  9. Irene takes us into the Dunes in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; the snow makes for a wonderful landscape!
  10. I’m definitely partial to the mode of transportation that we get to see in Jaspa’s Journeys; it looks like a lot of fun to fly into that cloud…
  11. Na’ama’s posts often have great depth to them, as we can see in her contribution to the theme in Na’ama Yehuda; it is crucial to remember what has happened in the past, so as not to repeat those events…
  12. Viveka goes into her back catalog in myguiltypleasures, and takes us to Biarritz, which is simply stunning! The beach and lighthouse are amazing!
  13. Jackie’s tour from Sydney into the Blue Mountains may have been disappointing, but, as we can see in her post in Junk Boat Travels, there was a redeeming quality!
  14. Maria provides us with a glimpse into what got her started in macro photography in her stunning post in Kamerapromenader; such an exquisite close-up!
  15. Tatiana shares an absolutely gorgeous shot of Mount Rainier in her blog Travelways; it’s being an active volcano is important to remember…
  16. A rather cool approach to the theme is demonstrated in Stine Writing, as the back catalog comes into view!
  17. Jase keeps us on track with a great post in Proscenium, as we’re waiting for that slow train to arrive…
  18. Xenia takes us back to a sunny morning in June in her wonderful post in whippetwisdom; looks like Eivor and Pearl enjoyed it! In a second post in Tranature, we get some gorgeous photos that you need to see!
  19. David brings us a gorgeous bird, the Common Kingfisher, to the spotlight in hist post in David M’s Photoblog; the photo is simply stunning!
  20. Susan takes us back to a memorable event in her post in Musin’ with Susan: a stunning photo of the recent solar eclipse! Also, please check out Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan; the photos are fantastic!
  21. Eric shares that it takes climbing 533 steps to get to the view in his post in Up North; I have to say that the view from the top of the Dom in Cologne is worth it!
  22. Jez shows us that it can be very worthwhile to get up early, even on holiday, as the sunrise in Arbroath is stunning in Jez Braithwaite!
  23. Nandini takes us back to the beginning of last year in her post in queennandini, where she was controlling the crowds!
  24. Woolly takes the opportunity to share some of his photo processing technique in a great post in Woolly Muses; I am very impressed by the removal of ‘modern’ elements!!
  25. Amy shares a great deal about the process she used to turn a good shot of Mount Snowdon into an even better image in her post in Photography Journal Blog; check out her post!
  26. Deb shares that she always liked the photo she features in this week’s entry in Twenty-Four; I would agree, as that endless jetty is stunning!
  27. Maria is a newcomer to our challenge and starts off with a great photo in her blog Sagittarius Viking; that is a fantastic shot!
  28. Ken features some unusual (for me, at least) viking grave markers in a magnificent post in Pictures without Film; I would love to see that site!
  29. We get to do a bit of trainspotting in a wonderful post in A Day in the Life; fabulous photos!
  30. I truly enjoyed the images in another great post in My TravelCSP! The train crossing the bridge might be my favorite among them.
  31. Ann-Christine brings us a gorgeous scene of apples in the snow in her post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…; beautiful images!
  32. Robert shares a couple of magnificent photos in Photo Roberts Blog, as we explore Nature in Hamburg!
  33. Elizabatz puts together a wonderful post in Elizabatz Gallery that highlights a number of photo apps and how they look on great locations in Ireland.
  34. You’ll want to check out the fantastic shot of the first snowflake in a post in F2.8_iso100!
  35. It’s really interesting to go back through the years, and follow that one forsythia in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0! A great way to see changes over time!
  36. This week’s post in sgeoil gives us multiple views of a road much travelled; love the way the curvature works in these images!
  37. TiongHan gives us a phenomenal view in his post in TiongHan’s Blog; go check this blog out!
  38. Khürt must have a truly amazing set of images in his catalog, and the ones that he shares in his post in Island in the Net clearly demonstrate that!
  39. In Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery we get views of the same location 11 years apart; interesting to see how some places can change very little!
  40. Brian went to a classic back catalog in his post in bushboys world; great approach, as that album looks amazing!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Three Line Tales – Altitude

Floating on dreams…

Many thanks to Sonya for Week One Hundred and Ninety-One of Three Line Tales, part of her awesome blog Only 100 Words!

four boys playing football in a lush green meadow
photo by Robert Collins via Unsplash

Nature’s cathedral,
Playful, supportive and safe.
Children rising up…


Thank you to Sonya of Only 100 Words for coming up with Three Line Tales.

You’ll find full guidelines on her TLT page, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write three lines inspired by the photo prompt (& give them a title if possible).
  • Link back to this post.
  • Tag your post with 3LineTales (so everyone can find you in the Reader).
  • Read and comment on other TLT participants’ lines.
  • NEW: If you want your post to be included in the round-up, you have until Sunday evening to publish it.
  • Have fun.

Happy three-lining!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 178

I was a little fuzzy about this…

Welcome to the 178th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Wonderful fuzziness about the theme this week!! There were a good variety of ways to tackle the theme and many of you reached out to Mother Nature for some great fuzzy objects! There’s one post that I want to give a special shout-out, as Khürt speaks about his struggle with double vision, post-surgery, in his amazing blog, Island in the Net. Please give Khürt a shout-out! Thanks to all of you for the creative energy that you poured into your posts this week!!

Now, time for me to think about the next theme… First some guitar playing for inspiration…(that already gave me an idea!!). Have fun reading all these great posts and share the love!!

Here’s a bit more fuzziness (and selective focus)..

Fuzzy and focused

This shot is from the Spring of 2012, as someone was complaining about the dandelions in our lawn…so I photographed them! Of course, nowadays we understand some of the benefits of these weeds better than we did.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Our first fuzzy image of the week comes from Jackie, who clearly is an observer of the world around her, as we can see in her blog, Junk Boat Travels; I can only imagine that it was a chilly day…
  2. Jez proves that there’s no possible way argue with adorable fuzziness in Jez Braithwaite, so go check out those fuzzy wonders!
  3. Xenia has two posts for us this week; the first post in Tranature brings us wonderful fuzzy blue, in the form of caenothus! In her second post in Whippetwisdom, we get a lovely hazy blue paired with a wonderful haiku!
  4. Shelley shares some awesome fuzzies in her post in Quaint Revival; of course, as a dog lover, I’m partial toward Copper!
  5. Cath brings us a great fuzzy wuzzy post in her blog, Cath’s Camera! I’m curious to hear which one is your favorite fuzzy…
  6. Diane reminds us of those hazy, summery days in her post in pensivity101; the shimmering is well captured!
  7. You know that you cannot go wrong with a blog, titled ‘Beautiful Photographs‘! That bumblebee definitely fits the title!
  8. Na’ama reminds us of something really important in her post in Na’ama Yehuda: life’s simple, sometimes fuzzy, moments are to be cherished! Amazing poem and post!
  9. Another week of big game in an epic post in Don’t Hold Your Breath; we learn about herd behavior of elephants and the humor of wildebeest!
  10. A truly gorgeous photo is featured in RyanPhotography for this week’s theme! Old Man’s Beard is an apt interpretation!
  11. Ken made me smile with his wonderful photo in Pictures without Film, which is aptly titled ‘Bees Bottom’; I might have gone for Bee-hind, as I like puns. Awesome contribution!
  12. This week brings another great contribution in The Jesh Studio with lovely photography and approach to the theme!
  13. Maria shares another set of stunning photographs in her post in Kamerapromenader, as the fuzziness of the flora is detailed beautifully!
  14. Nicole brings us another fantastic post in Une Photo, Un Poéme, although I hope the dog is not gone with the wind…
  15. Another pair of gorgeous photos appear in Chateaux des Fleurs; the delicate leaves in the first shot really drew me in deep into the fuzziness!
  16. In a lovely photo in looking for enchantment… we get to sense the fuzzy presence of the panda; it made me feel warm!
  17. If you like fuzzy animals, go check the post in the59club, as you will not be disappointed! They also produce some of the best wool!
  18. The contribution in Mama Cormier also has some great fuzzy animals and amazing flowers!
  19. Donna found a love in her post in Wind Kisses: this little lizard made a connection with her that no spray from a hose could slow down!
  20. Another great contribution to our challenge comes in the blog MistyRoads, where the fuzzy collection is phenomenal!
  21. Jase finds a very fuzzy companion in her post in Proscenium; I actually think that Anastasia is both fuzzy and focused!
  22. Emily gives us a rather fuzzy view of a fuzzy cat in a wonderful post in her blog Zombie Flamingoes; go check it out!
  23. Tatiana has a wonderful post on the role of focus in photography in her blog Travelways; in a second contribution in Travelways, she shares one of Canada’s favorite fuzzy substances (and exports!): snow! She finishes off her trio of contributions in GiftSmart with a wonderful fuzzy image that speaks volumes!
  24. Your hair may turn frizzy and your lens foggy, but as you can see in Heart 2 Heart, it might be worth it to get that great shot!
  25. Sarah creates a special fuzzy environment in her post in By Sarah! I wonder what the scent was!
  26. Irene captures an old man in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; to be more precise, it’s old man in the garden!
  27. This week’s photo entry presented in Land of Images made me think of 2001: A Space Odyssey; what would HAL say?
  28. That may not be fuzzy, but it certainly looks the part, as we can see in a great photo in Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery; wind+water=fuzzy!
  29. Debbie celebrates the morning haze with a magnificent photo in her post in Travel with Intent! Just love the mood that it creates!
  30. The Queen Anne’s Lace is stunning in theOnlyD800intheHameau; the impact of the frost on the seed pods really is captured wonderfully!
  31. Great to have another contribution from the blog, Hadd Hai Yaar, which is a treasure! Jaipur looks truly amazing!
  32. Sandy’s image in her post in Out of My Write Mind is wonderful, but paired with her poem, it not only reaches out, but starts speaking with deeper meaning! Amazing post!
  33. Viveka might make things a bit fuzzy in myguiltypleasures; but that’s all good, particularly after a couple of P&T’s!
  34. Elizabatz shares a bit of photography technique in her post in Elizabatz Gallery; I’m a big fan of using simple modifiers in photography to create a different look! Hmmm, might make for an interesting blog post!
  35. Ann-Christine asks if her contribution is fuzzy enough in her post in To See A World in a Grain of Sand…; I like it! What do you think?
  36. Another really cool post in Kanlaon for this week’s theme; I really enjoy the mood that is portrayed in these images!
  37. In another great post in Mazeepuran, Rupali defines fuzzy as those moments when hands and eyes don’t cooperate 🙂 Great photos!
  38. I’m very taken by the photo in Mike’s post in Photography OCD! The Zen of the Alpaca is very much on display.
  39. David brings a wonderful sense of fuzzy and grainy in the images in his post in David M’s Photoblog; stunning photos!
  40. Woolly must be a true friend of the environment, as is evident in his post in Woolly Muses; great recycling and wonderful images!
  41. A wonderful shot of mosses in sgeoil, which tie very well into the quote from John Keats!
  42. Brian is kinda fuzzy in his post in bushboys world; fantastic photos and a big thank you for bringing me some Eels!
  43. Olga’s post in Stuff and What If… really exemplifies the theme and the importance of letting go!
  44. Marie takes us along on her journey after dark in a lovely post in the New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect! Looks like it was a magical night!
  45. Hannah again shares gorgeous photos in her post in Zebra’s Child, as the bees look amazing!
  46. Deb features some super-fuzzy creatures in her post in Twenty-Four; I also think that they are some of the cutest ever!
  47. Susan went back to the drawing board, as she mentions in Musin’ with Susan; I really like that shot! Also, please check out Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan!
  48. Hammad shares a wonderful post in the Blog of Hammad Rais, in which he talks about shooting a night scene with trees lit by green LEDs.
  49. Another lovely post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0 reminds me to spend more time out in Nature! Love the way those fuzzies are captured!
  50. Teressa has an array of gorgeous images in her post in Another LQQK, where the fuzzies are stunning!
  51. Khürt brings a truly meaningful post in Island in the Net, as he learns to adapt to the temporary double vision that he suffers after ophthalmic surgery. Please take some time to read his post and comment.
  52. Robert has a wonderful take on our fuzzy theme in his images in Photo Roberts Blog; two techniques that produce beautiful results!
  53. Ulli takes us into some true tracks in Suburban Tracks, as he explores an underworld that talks of days gone by… Awesome post!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear!

Welcome to week 178 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! As last week, I’m still wrapping up the round up and will finish it on Tuesday night.

After your highly Focused approach of wonderful and amazing posts, I figured we go in the opposite direction for this week. How about going for something a bit Fuzzy for this week’s theme? Of course, there are lots of fuzzy objects that we enjoy in our lives, such as that teddy bear, plush animal or peach, as well as some that we might not enjoy… That fuzzy growth on bread might not be a good indication of its fitness for consumption.

There are numerous directions that you can take for this challenge, and all’s fair, as long as you have fun with whatever Fuzzy creativity strikes you’re fancy. Can’t wait to see what will be appearing from you!

Here’s something rather fuzzy from a number of years back…

Zone Plate Yellow No, 1

This image was shot with a bit of an unusual lens: a zone plate lens. What makes this lens different is that it uses diffraction rather than refraction or reflection to focus the image. The wave nature of light facilitates a soft focusing characteristic to be created with this type of lens.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Apply some fuzzy logic and bring out those amazingly creative ideas and posts!!

Friday Mystery Location – 2019 #018

In the woods, but not lost!

Here comes the eighteenth mystery location post of this year….

Number 17 was a bit more difficult, although some very discerning viewers did identify the ship and location. Sometimes the weather and sea can look so nice that we don’t realize how far north we are!

This week’s view comes from one of my hikes, something that I don’t appear to have enough time for (there are always more hikes that we want to do!!). No, I didn’t make it up the mountain that day, but might some day, as it should provide some rather wonderful views!

Where are we in this photo?

Where is this view?

This is a bit more difficult, but I think you can do it!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Focus

Softly striding across the stream…

Welcome to week 177 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge! I’m still wrapping up the round up and will finish it on Tuesday night, as work is getting in the way…

As you created a wonderful week of Fall-themed contributions, I couldn’t help but wonder where I might direct you next… This week, my inspiration came from one of the images that I captured over the weekend, while visiting my good friend, George, who is an amazing photographer! We often go wandering to see what catches our eye (and lens). From the image in this post, I got the idea to use the theme of Focus, which, to my surprise, didn’t come up as a tag that I used before!

The challenge for you is to take focus into your preferred direction. There are many ways that you can take this: in focus, out of focus, a look of focus on someone’s face, you name it! Let your creative minds wander happily and keep your focus on the theme!

Here’s the image that led to this theme…

Bridge to…

During our wanderings in the Devil’s Hopyard, a lovely park in East Haddam, CT, we came across this lovely little bridge. While George was capturing it from one vantage point, I looked at it through this wonderful tree and thought that it might be interesting to shorten the depth of field and produce this image.

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Focus on your mission and have fun with the theme!! And on a side note, while writing this post, I was listening to Focus.

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