Trashing the USA – pt. 4

Mixed nuts

In the fourth post in this series, we encounter a variety of offenses that I have seen on more than one occasion.

This scene I found on the sidewalk within 5 yards of a trashcan that was available for all to use; and, yes, there was even a disposal receptacle for cigarettes!  It may just be that the dirt of late-winter snow encouraged the behavior, but I can still not find this to be excusable in any way.

The view of the sidewalk….

20131224-SW-2013-12-24 10.46.08 HDR-1
It’s everywhere…

As an ex-smoker, I can connect with the sense that dropping a cigarette butt somewhere is only a minor offense, until it is multiplied by all those who follow suit.  However, after one tops off their windshield-washer fluid, how can one not find the decency to deposit the fluid container into the trashcan?

Have a great day!

Connecting to the Out of this World WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, as one’s mind has to be out of this world to perpetrate this act.

Trashing the USA – pt. 3

Waste of calories?

In the third post in this series, there is a bit of debris that I found in a parking lot.

Not only were these poor cans deposited onto the tarmac unceremoniously, but they received a full measure of compression that reduced their recycling value to an absolute minimum.

The scene of the crime….

20160107-Scene-of-the-Crime2016-01-07 08.34.32-1
Assault and Flat-tery

No calories were harmed in this incident.  Upon completion of accident investigation, these forlorn aluminum brethren were given a proper disposal

Have a great day!

Connecting to the rather appropriate Messy WordPress Daily Prompt!

Trashing the USA – pt. 2

Kicking a can down the road

In this second post in my new series, we look at some more debris that seems to be ubiquitous in our great country.  Some days I feel that there is so much beauty that surrounds us everywhere that people have lost sight of the importance of maintaining our connection with the planet.

When there is ample opportunity to dispose of trash in a recyclable manner, it is an indictment of humanity’s desire to preserve the pristine environment that once existed. Have we really given up on our home planet?  It’s likely that Earth will outlive our species by a significant amount of time, regardless of what we do to her.  Let’s turn our focus to preserving the human race in mind, body, spirit and environment.

One of many items that do not belong….

Kickstart deNaturalizer

The drink may have kickstarted someone’s day, but that boost didn’t give them the energy to make a smart decision with the empty can.

Have a great day!

Connecting to the anonymity of the Face in the Crowd WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Trashing the USA

Ice baby, ice!

No, this is not a political post!  I just want to share that I’m starting a new series of images that have been inspired by what I tend to encounter during my jogs and walks throughout this country: litter, trash, detritus!  My intent is not just to document these eyesores, but to put a style around them, which will be an interesting challenge!

Here’s the first item….

Stone cold detritus

Walking past the high school in town, it’s clear that there either are parties that parents might not know about, or this bottle was thrown out the window, while driving past.  Either way, not what we hope to see!

Have a great day!

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