Warped Wednesday – pt. 10

A dreamy view across the river…

While I’m still in Israel for a couple of days and missing a beauty of a snow storm that is battering New England, I thought there might be time for a quick Warped Wednesday before we get to Thursday haiku (yes, I’ve been writing them for over a year now and some are pretty decent).  As I was poking around through some of my more abstract work, my eye caught one shot from December 2016 that could use a bit of a treatment.

This image was taken during a walk through Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge, which I always enjoy.  The swollen Nashua river provided a rich source for adjusted reflections…

Monet on the Nashua

The contrast between the branch rising above the river amidst the reflections of trees on the opposite shore caught my eye enough to capture this image.  What I did with it in post processing is to add a bit of surreal, dreamy quality to it in PhotoShop Express on the iPad; this lends it a bit more ability to draw in the eye and allow it to keep this loosely focused ephemeral grasp on the mind.

Hope you like this treatment and have a dreamy day!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 43

Positive reflections abound!

Welcome to this week’s round up, of the 43rd installment of the Tuesday Photo Challenge. All of you put your reflections to work in creative ways for this week’s theme of Mirror.

There were a great number of fantastic landscape images with water reflections, some really cool uses of mirrors in photos, as well as some great out-of-the-box thinking.  This just tells me that you should check out all of the entries for this week and leave them your thoughts!

Since I posted something new with the mirror theme during the week, I’m going back to a bit of reflection from about 12 years ago…

Geese on the Quinapoxet

The way, in which this image came about, is just one of those things that tells you there there are some interesting connections in the universe.  As I was driving home during this Autumn day, I noticed the Sun and immediately had the urge to go to the Quinapoxet river in West Boylston, as there had to be something worthwhile to shoot.  When I got there, there were a number of photographers who had set up on the bridge, so I decided to go for a low angle and go right to the edge of the river.  It took me about 30 shots to get these geese to line up, but it was worth the effort!

The following were this week’s participants in the challenge with links to their posts:

  • ladyleemanila was first again this week with her entry that covered quite a bit of water and includes a reflection under water!
  • Ron’s post in his excellent blog, Progressing into Solitude, has some stunning reflections that you’ll have to check out!
  • Stella gives us a variety of interpretations of this week’s theme in Giggles & Tales; all off them are wonderful!
  • Xenia brings us two entries this week, with the first one a Haiku of Divine Love mirrored in the eyes in WhippetWisdom and the second has her wonderful whippets reflected in WhippetWisdom!
  • Candace brings us back to Scotland again in Netdancer’s Musings; this time we get a beautiful sunset in Skye…
  • Charles’ mirrored cuties in his post in charlesewaugh are just entirely too precious for words!
  • pensitivity101 shows us how she mirrors her mother, in an absolutely lovely post!
  • Georgie shares some gorgeous photos with us in her cool blog, Third Time Lucky!
  • that little voice is a great blog to check out and the photos for this week’s theme are beautiful!
  • Black Body takes us to Chicago’s Millennium Park this time with an excellent photo of the Cloud Gate sculpture.
  • Bullyboy’s brings us a couple of great reflections in his post in his blog, Travel387.
  • Pins N Ashes presents us with an excellent photo that reflects well on her!
  • Emily’s post in her blog Zombie Flamingoes takes a very interesting, creative route to the mirror; let’s count how many ways we can figure the use of mirror in her photo…
  • Marie’s post in The New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect has a very unusual photo that is really cool.
  • This week, Miriam’s takes us to Spain in The Showers of Blessing, where she finds beautiful reflections in some of the architecture.  She also bring sun a second post in The Showers of Blessing, with a magnificent chandelier!
  • Dennis’ blog, A Trivial Mind At Work, has some stunning photographs, and his contributions to this week’s theme certainly are among them!
  • Mac brings us some more gorgeous images in her blog, Southern by Design; it’s good to be around water!
  • Following Him Beside Still Waters brings us some beautiful trees reflected in a lake.
  • In Thoughts of Words, Sangbad has a beautiful poem to go along with a great mirror photo!
  • Leaking Ink‘s contribution tho this week’s challenge is simply stunning; go look!
  • Judith’s post in Nature Knows Best is definitely not for the hungry, as you’ll want some pastry after seeing it!
  • Cee went very literal in her post in Cee’s Photography, as each has a mirror in it, in various creative ways!
  • Maria’s post in her blog, CitySonnet, gives us a couple of magnificent reflections with quite a bit of flair!
  • Judy gives a good variety of mirrors in her entry in her blog lifelessons.
  • Miriam brings us some wonderful landscape reflections in her entry in Out an’ About;  of course, she caught herself very well in the mirror as well 🙂
  • Debbie talks about recognizing her talents and gifts in ForgivingConnects; it’s a stunning post with a great photo!
  • Khürt’s post in Island in the Net shows that some of our minds work alike, as he included a reflection along the lines that I caught this week; his second shot is super cool!

Thanks again to all for your wonderful posts!  Now, to work on tomorrow’s theme…This was certainly a wonderful set of posts with great images; I already have this week’s theme in mind….

Snow Day

It’s looking nice out!

Yes, folks, Winter has officially announced her presence!  After about 14″ (35cm) of snow on Thursday, it’s snowing again and will snow tomorrow.  I’ll be looking for a bit of clearing up to get some great shots later!  And there’s more on the way next week!!

During the week, you can expect that I’ll capture some new snow shots, but in the mean time, here’s a reminder…

These images are a mixture from the past 5 or so years of winters.  Each with its own beauty.

Have a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoy the weather in your part of the world!

The Farm Tractor

All-purpose repurposer

When I saw the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Repurpose, I first scratched my head, and decided to take a look through some of my phtoography.  Then I chanced upon the ultimate definition of repurpose: the Farm Tractor.

The classic farm tractor is a simple open vehicle, with two very large driving wheels on an axle below and slightly behind a single seat (the seat and steering wheel consequently are in the center), and the engine in front of the driver, with two steerable wheels below the engine compartment. This basic design has remained unchanged for a number of years, but enclosed cabs are fitted on almost all modern models, for reasons of operator safety and comfort. In some localities with heavy or wet soils, notably in the Central Valley of California, the “Caterpillar” or “crawler” type of tracked tractor became popular in the 1930s, due to superior traction and flotation. These were usually maneuvered through the use of turning brake pedals and separate track clutches operated by levers rather than a steering wheel.

Waiting for the weather.

I found this beauty in a field waiting for the day’s work to start.  The morning’s sky presented a nice backdrop.


Exposure of the best kind…

Seeing today’s WordPress Daily Prompt of Exposure took my mind in several directions, with the current season and all…

As Winter works its way across the Northern Hemisphere, we are exposed to the (sometimes) frigid temperatures.  As it is Inauguration Day in the United States, there is definitely a lot of media exposure (both good and bad 🙂 ).  As a photographer, getting the exposure right is a key item.

So I give you 2 out of 3 (in my opinion)…

Winter Idyll

Here we see the beauty of Winter in its full glory!  One of these days, I will take that branch in the top out of the image, as that is the one thing that bugs me about this image 🙂

Have a wonderful day!!

Brooding Ambience

Water, sky, a safe haven

The Weekly Photo Challenges posted byWordPress’ Daily Post are always well thought out; despite that I find that this week’s challenge of Ambience really stands out, as it requires a bit of introspection on the part of the photographer.  Of course, the ambience of a scene can go into many directions, as it really is all about the character and atmosphere that you are trying to capture or portray.

After a bit of thought, I figured that I’d share this image for its ambience…

Nubble Brooding

The lighthouse on Cape Neddick, Maine, aka Nubble Light, has been photographed millions of times, as people flock to it for its picturesque setting.  As a photographer who likes to create a one-of-a-kind connection between image and viewer, I had been loathe to photograph this scene during my previous visits; just another image of a pretty scene just didn’t speak to me.

However, on this gorgeous June day, I felt something a little different speaking to me from across this little expanse of ocean water.  It was a hint of recognition of a story being presented to me that urged me to clamber down the rocks to water level and set up for a series of shots that resulted in this image.

After some careful processing, I arrived at the scene that is presented here, which is very much the story that was being told to me on that beautiful day…

Playing with Fire

Fueling the imagination

As Fire is the theme for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge, I started taking a look through some of my images for what I might use in respinse to this particular theme.

While I’ll hold back the shot that I have in mind for this week’s round up, here are some of the ones that I came across.

I look forward to see what other entries come up over the weekend…

Have a wonderful weekend!