Throwback Thursday?

Going back through the ages!

Looking back across the years, I thought about those days before COVID… aka before the missing years!

And I remember our trip to Italy, so here are some images from a walk across the forum…

It’s good to think back across the years, in this case we were there in May of 2017. It was wonderful to be in Italy and enjoy both antiquity and food!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 211

A climb toward the heavens…

Welcome to the 211th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

In this second week of being back in the saddle this new year, it’s fun to see all the great entries that you contributed! Thank you very much for such great work! Your twists on this theme were a pleasure to read and view, and it’s great to see that all the twists come together in this manner.

Here’s a twist that I had to ascend…

Twisting to Heaven

During our vacation in Italy, my wife and I started in Ostia Antica, the ancient port city of Rome; there we found the castle of Pope Julius II, who valued his privacy, judging by the fortifications.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Diane kicked things off in her post in pensivity101 with a wonderful bit of prose inspired by the image of the tree twisting up into the sky in the abbey’s courtyard. Beautifully done!
  2. There’s a wonderful capture of the twist of the vine in this week’s entry in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery; the view of the vine, makes me wonder what lovely grapes will grow there!
  3. Maria twists our perceptions in her post in Kamerapromenader, as she brings us a very creative approach in PhotoShop! Great twist!
  4. Brian takes us into Nature’s creative realm in his post in Bushboy’s World, as Mother Nature displays great variety in her choice!
  5. In another great post in Wanderlust and Wonderment, we are treated to a magnificent twist of Nature, learn the ropes and get to shout about it! Check it out!
  6. Teresa brings us another amazing photo in her post in My Camera & I, which shows us how life can adapt to the forces put upon it!
  7. Alice shows off a rather nautical theme in the fence in her post in The 59 Club; great capture and angle on this one!
  8. There are some rather significant twists in an amazing shot in David M’s Photoblog, as both the hungry ones and the patient parent contort for this shot!
  9. Nicole provides us with the pleasure of another stunning photo in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; the capture of the twists in this tree is gorgeous!
  10. Ken not only shows off his photos skills in a great post in Pictures without Film, as he also shares his rich sense of humor in this post! Love it!!
  11. Xenia brings on her Whippetwisdom in a lovely post, which features some of my favorite subjects: dogs and driftwood, plus I love the poetry as well!
  12. Cee has us all twisted up in her contribution in Cee’s Photo Challenges! Those twists are both whimsical and utilitarian with a hint of Samba!
  13. Sandy brings us Winter with a twist in her post in Out of my Write Mind, combining the chills and beauty in an artful manner!
  14. The lovely photo and quote in Sgeoil‘s post made me think of the Fates of greek mythology, as they spin, draw out and cut the thread of life. Wonderfully done!

Please let all these wonderful authors know how much you enjoy their blog posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Puzzle

Connections to time in Italy through the world of small bricks!

Welcome to week 210 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt motivated, so one might consider this a New Year’s resolution! I’m looking forward to bringing back the challenge and getting reacquainted with all my friends in the blogosphere!

With everything that is going on in this world of ours, I was puzzled to come up with a theme, so why not go with that sense of puzzlement to use the theme of Puzzle? If you like to participate, please share a photo of what might puzzle you or a puzzle that you have solved. As always, feel free to use your imagination on interpretation of the theme.

Looking forward to seeing your interpretations!

Here’s a puzzle I solved during the holiday break…

Thoughts of Italy

As I was buying some Lego kits for a nephew’s Christmas presents, I found some rather interesting kits in the Creator Expert series, such as this Fiat 500. I added a lighting kit to it to create a bit more interest for this display. It was a fun puzzle to solve!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Stay safe and enjoy your puzzles!

Vacation Retrospective

Confessions of a traveler!

As I selected Retrospective for this week’s TPC theme, I thought it would be nice to look back at countries visited during the 2010s! So here it goes!


Love atop the Stephanskirche!

Looking down from the shorter tower of the Stephanskirche provides an incredible view across all of Vienna!


Walking among the treetops!

In Vancouver, BC, I got to walk among the treetops, high up above the canyon floor (below…)


Skye is simply stunning!

On the Isle of Skye, I got to see some of the most incredible landscapes, such as here, where I’m a ways up in the Quiraing range. I could sit here forever and watch the clouds change the landscape!


Apollonia National Park

I got some time in Israel to explore the Apollonia National Park in Herzliya; this amazing Roman settlement was a wonder to behold!


Looking across Massa Maritima

Our Italian trip was filled with amazing towns (idea for some posts…), such as Massa Maritima; the hill towns in Tuscany are just stunning! And the food was awesome too!


Centraal Station, Rotterdam

As can be expected, there have been numerous trips to the Netherlands, and Rotterdam is still among my favorite cities in this world!


The Herring Era

Iceland is filled with amazing vistas, and I spent way too little time there (4 days) to scratch the surface. One of my discoveries was the Herring Era museum in Siglufjördur! It brought one back to a different time!

Czech Republic

Looking up in Prague!

Sometimes, travel doesn’t go as planned, and you get to spend an additional 24 hours in a location. This happened in Prague, which is not a bad place to find yourself in!


A view in Kharkiv

My visit to Ukraine was fantastic, as the hospitality was amazing and I got to see some of the sights, such as the view here!


Albert Docks at Night

Liverpool, England, was an impromptu visit that gave me the opportunity to see my favorite Premier League team play at Anfield, their home ground! A fantastic city too!

In less than 2 weeks, I will be in India, so the adventure continues!!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 191

A walk across history…

Welcome to the 191st round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

The common came through nice and strong in your posts this week! I’ll have to admit that you came up with some interpretations that I hadn’t even thought about when I created this theme. You’ve been incredibly creative in your interpretations again this week! Thank you for giving me so many interesting posts to read! It was a pleasure.

Here’s a rather well-known common…

An Ancient Common

The Forum Romanum is probably one of the most significant common areas for the history of Western civilization. The amount of intrigue that happened in this area is likely not even captured fully in our history books!

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Diane starts things off this week with a set of photos that have something in common in her post in pensivity101; a wonderful approach to our theme!
  2. Brian proves a really great point in Bushboy’s World: what we might label common in Nature can be filled with beauty!
  3. There’s nothing amiss with the Common Yellowthroated Warbler, as we can see in another wonderful post in A Day in the Life; it’s a beautiful bird!
  4. The Christmas essentials may be on the way out in a spectacular post in Land of Images! The photo is stunning!
  5. Kammie put together a great post in Nut House Central! You’ll want to go check out the common theme in this post!
  6. A wonderful post in Take a Walk and Discover highlights the common that may not be so common depending on your location!
  7. Emily has a penchant for capturing common objects that we get to see in her post in Zombie Flamingoes…do you do this as well?
  8. Viveka catches some great common objects in her photos in myguiltypleasures; her approach to capturing them makes them stand out as something not so common!
  9. The sheep look rather common, as they stand out in the field and look toward the photograph in theOnlyD800intheHameau‘s post; wonderful capture!
  10. Xenia, Eivor and Pearl bask in the moon glow and we get to encounter a common seal in another awesome post in whippetwisdom! Xenia’s second post this week in tranature brings us the Winter solstice with beautiful images!
  11. Nicole has a wonderful approach to our theme in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; it’s quite intriguing!
  12. Jackie brings us an amazing set of common objects, which have been transformed to art in her post in Junkboat Travels; it’s cool how the common can become the uncommon!
  13. Another fantastic post in Don’t Hold Your Breath takes us on a mission to go out there and watch some people! Always an interesting subject!
  14. Nandini brings us a very interesting set of common ideas in her post in queennandini; you’ll want to check the out!
  15. Na’ama’s post in Na’ama Yehuda is filled with an appreciation for the common good, which we may often overlook. This post is definitely worth a read and ponder!
  16. Teressa has some fantastic common tools in her post in Another LQQk, as we get to do something that has been around across the ages!
  17. Another great post in the Jesh Studio brings us a great variety of images; see what there might be in common!
  18. TiongHan put together a a truly interesing post in TiongHan’s Blog; it brings us something that now is extremely common, but was revolutionary!
  19. The beauty in common objects is appreciated in Kanlaon, which is something that I fully agree with!
  20. Chris shares an absolutely gorgeous photo in What’s (in) the Picture?; the rolls might be common, but the photo is anything but!
  21. David’s photos for this week’s topic are stunning, as we can see in David M’s Photoblog; I particularly like the Common Kingfisher!
  22. Cee has a wonderful set of photos of common objects in her post in Cee’s Photo Challenges. Go check them out and decide which one you like best!
  23. Woolly might find some of the subjects of his photos in Woolly Muses getting to be more common, but that might not be for all of us 🙂 Great post!
  24. Eric shares a delightful picture of Lainey Lou in Up North! Who is Lainey Lou, you ask? Go find out!!
  25. Lisa brings us the common song of the wind in her post in Peace of Life Today, which can be rather pretty!
  26. Laura’s post in Finding My Own Way brings us some views that may be common! She photographed them beautifully!
  27. Rupali captures some of Winter’s ordinary scenes in Mazeepuran; fantastic photos!
  28. Susan brings us something rather common: forks; go check in Musin’ with Susan to find out how she made them special! Also, take a look at Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan…great photos there too!
  29. Carol found a great way to spend some time at the motor vehicle registry, as we can see in her post in Light Words; great common theme!
  30. Deb brings us something that is pretty common in her post in Twenty Four, with a photo that makes it rather interesting!
  31. The photo in Chateaux des Fleurs might portray some rather common objects, but it looks simply stunning!
  32. Judy has a wonderful set of photos of objects among the common in her post in lifelessons; great set of photos!
  33. Russell brings us the view of Queen Pirouette of the common people in a wonderful post in Beautiful Photographs!
  34. Tatiana brings us to something that might be pretty common in her post in Travelways; Winter holiday celebrations in Germany might be common, but they are wonderful to see, as we see in the great photos in this post!
  35. I just love the post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0, as crayons might be a common object, but their colors make the photo just fantastic!
  36. There’s a great intersection between multiple challenges in a great post in Thief Images Blog! Love those dogs! In a great second snap in Thief Images Blog, we get to see a stunning silhouette!
  37. Bren brings us an item that has become common in popular culture over the past couple of years in a great photo in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; that elf does look rather naughty…
  38. Maria has a rather common visitor to her Rowan tree, as a Fieldfare stops by in her post in Kamerapromenader. Great photo!
  39. Hammad might have found some common lights for his post in the Blog of Hammad Rais; the photo of them is fantastic!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 186

Built against the slope of the hill

Welcome to the 186th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

There was no shortage of interesting Slope to your posts! I found some truly surprising takes on the theme and, as always, was delighted by the great photography and great poems and tales that were in your posts! I especially learned that cats can be taskmasters, and that slope appears in unusual locales!

It was a lot of fun to view and read all of your posts; thank you for a great set of contributions!

Here is another slope…

Looking over Volterra

In another image from Tuscany, we look over the rooftops of the town of Volterra, as the houses sit on the slope of the hill. The contrast between the old construction and satellite dishes stood out to me, so I decided to leave them in the image as a reminder that technology is everywhere!

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. This week gets kicked off with a wonderful post in The Jesh Studio, which enjoys autumn and brings us a wonderful slope!
  2. Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh, India, is a wonderful location, and Smruti captured it beautifully in F2.8_iso100; go check it out!
  3. Jackie shares a magnificent location in Ireland in her post in Junkboat Travels, which very spot my wife and I happened to visit this year during our vacation!
  4. Maria takes us to the wonderful Faroe Islands in her post in Kamerapromenader; great photo and wonderful location!
  5. TiongHan is accurate that it is difficult to find slopes in the flat lands of the Netherlands; nevertheless his photos in TiongHan’s Blog are stunning!
  6. Tatiana brings us something that surely could only happen in Vegas in her post in Vegas Great Attractions; it looks like a great warm place for a party and some ski slope fun!
  7. Jase shares the sense of footprints in the snow in a wonderful post in Proscenium; you’ve got to check this out!
  8. Maria finds some truly interesting places in her blog Sagittarius Viking; I can imagine that the area is amazing to explore!
  9. Cath captures the slope of the land in a great post in Cath’s Camera; which one of those images is your favorite?
  10. The south of France has some stunning villages, such as Saint Cirq Lapopie near the town of Cahors, featured in theOnlyD800intheHameau! Stunning photo!
  11. Irene has us visiting Indiana Dunes National in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; definitely a fantastic area to enjoy!
  12. Nicole catches a slope of a different kind, as surf’s up in her amazing photo in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme; looks like a fantastic day!
  13. Bren has a gorgeous waterfall coming down the slope near Loch Leven in Bren & Ashley Ryan Photography; great location!
  14. David has another amazing photo in his post in David M’s Photoblog: the mist across Colpoy’s Bay is just stunning!
  15. Shelley proves that cats can be real taskmasters in a fantastic post in Quaint Revival; one cannot help but appreciate those cats!
  16. Eivor and Pearl love the gentle hills during their stroll in whippetwisdom; what gorgeous images! Xenia also has a wonderful post in Tranature that brings us to the wonderful slopes of farms!
  17. Diane not only brings us an amazing slope her post in pensivity101, but we also get to see robot mowers performing a ballet!
  18. Shakespeare has found a new home in the Underground in Debbie’s wonderful post in Travel with Intent; a really cool idea!
  19. The ski slope looks like a great place to be in Geriatri’X’ Fotogallery, as we can clearly see!
  20. Marie takes us to the slopes of Zermatt, where we get to see dawn on Christmas morning in The New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect; gorgeous photo!
  21. Eric shows us some of the beautiful sloping trails in Eden Prairie, MN< in From the Lens; looks like a great place to go hiking!
  22. Teressa brings us some math for good measure of the slope images in her post in Another LQQK; Neumann Ranch looks like a great place to visit!
  23. Sandy shares a stunning image of a rocky slope in her post in Out of my Write Mind; the monochrome really makes it effective!
  24. Cee features some beautiful images of slopes in Oregon in Cee’s Photo Challenges; each looks amazing in its own way!
  25. Skye is shown of in the most gorgeous manner in Land of Images, as the rustic beauties are simply amazing!
  26. Nandini shares a great set of slope-themed haikus and great photos in her post in queennandini; awesome rainbows too!
  27. Russell has a fantastic image in Beautiful Photographs, as the horses get to amble along the slopes.
  28. Amy shows us how she edited her photo of the Fontana dell’Acqua Paolo in a great post in Photography Journal Blog; you’ll enjoy the process!
  29. After last week’s snow, we get a lovely fountain in a pond down the slope in a great post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0; love this post!
  30. Woolly put together a wonderfully appropriate post for this time of year in Woolly Muses: seeing the beauty of the slopes and remembering what took place there in World War I.
  31. The slopes of the hills along the shores of the Danube make a wonderful location for vineyards in Musin’ with Susan! Also, please check out Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan; see which image catches your eye!
  32. Chris explores the natural slopes in architecture in a great post in What’s (in) the Picture? The cross-section of architecture and Nature make an interesting image!
  33. In another lovely post in A Day in the Life, we get to enjoy a wonderful variety of slopes; great photos!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Slope

Gentle slopes abound

Welcome to week 186 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

After all the work and personal travel, I’m running a bit behind on my blog work, so expect to see last week’s round up post tomorrow. I’ve taken a quick look at some of your Steep posts and they are amazing! As there was a certain amount of Slope to last week’s theme, I thought it might be follow up with that for this week’s theme. Whether the slope of a line, a gently flowing hill slope, or sloping down a stream, there’s plenty that can be done with this theme.

I’m looking forward to seeing what all of your creative minds will generate! Most of all, have fun with this one!

Here’s a Tuscan field…

Gentle Slopes

During our vacation in Italy, my wife and I got to see quite a bit of beautiful Tuscan landscape, such as this view here. Hill slopes in the distance set a wonderful backdrop for the gently sloping fields in the foreground. As you can tell, the weather was majestic!

The full rules of this challenge are in TPC Guidelines, but here’s the tl;dr:

  • Write a post with an image for this week’s topic
  • Please tag your post with fpj-photo-challenge (if you’re not sure about how tags work, please check out this WordPress article about tagging posts)
  • Create a pingback link to this post, so that I can create a post showing all of the submissions over the week (note: pingbacks may not appear immediately, as my site is set up to require approval for linking to it; helps against previous bad experiences with spamming)
  • Have fun creating something new (or sharing something old)!!

Gently slope down the hill and roll up your findings!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 181

The best spots ever?

Welcome to the 181st round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Thank you for an amazing line-up of tourist location that you enjoyed and some of the side-effects of locations being popular! I can fully relate to some of the great examples of tourist spots being overrun by crowds to the point that they are no longer fun to visit. For that reason, it’s that much more satisfying to find those amazing spots that not only speak to you, but also give you the sense of being the only person in the world, who has found it… Those are magic moments!

Thank you for creating this fun reading experience for me, and I hope that you enjoy each other’s posts!

Here is one of my preferred tourist destinations…

View across Palatine toward Maxentius

This photo really reflects part of my positive tourism experience with Rome; after being overwhelmed by the crowds in the Colosseum (seen in the background), it was a breath of fresh air to visit the Palatine Hill, as it was not overrun by selfie-stick toting tourists… Furthermore, walking across this hill is a trip across history and gave me a real sense of the seat of power that used to be located in this area.

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Sarah takes us on a visit to the Florida in Canberra in her post in By Sarah! The flower displays are stunning!
  2. Lee’s post in ladyleemanilla is a true cornucopia of fantastic sites to visit and they would make any vacation a celebration!
  3. Viveka takes us to the Carnaval de Nice in myguiltypleasures in a post that is truly fantastic!
  4. The Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood is a great tourist attraction, as we see in a wonderful post in Beautiful Photographs.
  5. Nicole shares a fantastic photo in her post in Une Photo, Un Poéme: Blackness Castle looks well worth the trip to Scotland!
  6. Jackie’s trip to visit fabled Uluru is chronicled in her post in Junk Boat Travels, which looks like it was truly amazing!
  7. I agree that there’s no prize for guessing the tourist destination in another awesome post in the theOnlyD800intheHameau; it’s well known!
  8. Na’ama features a great family destination in her post in Na’ama Yehuda: looping through the sky! Love the poem as well!
  9. Jaspa takes us to the gateway to India in Jaspa’s Journeys; I’ looking forward to visiting the gateway myself next year!
  10. A tour of some of the wonderful locations on can find in Italy is featured in radhikasreflection! Awesome post!
  11. Diane brings some of the tourist locations of the towns, in which she lived in her post in pensivity101: great set of locales!
  12. Irene brings us a glimpse from above in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine; the view of Diamond Head is gorgeous!
  13. This week we get another wonderful post in the Jesh Studio that brings us some great tourist spots!
  14. Maria takes us on a fantastic tour of Iceland in another amazing post in Kamerapromenader; what amazing spots!
  15. Andrea brings us to Sedona, Arizona, in ARHtistic License; a wonderful trip and great post!
  16. Alice lets us know that the hills are alive in her post in The 59Club; of course, the hills near Salzburg are a great place to visit!
  17. Jase has a pretty spooky post in Proscenium, as ghost tours are a popular attraction in Gettysburg. Having been there, I can tell you that it is a very powerful area to visit!
  18. Regina’s post in Help from Heaven features some wonderful places in Spain; Elche looks like one that I want to add to my list!
  19. Luring the tourists in can be good for business and very creative, as we can see in Heart 2 Heart; that’s an awesome camel!
  20. Cath goes on a day trip in her blog, Cath’s Camera, as we get to see Maria Island, which looks like a truly interesting place!
  21. In a wonderful post in Travel with Tech, we go on a trip to Ilocos in the Philippines; this post makes me feel like I’m on the trip myself!
  22. Hammad apologizes for bragging about his trip to Dubai in 2017, but as you can see in the Blog of Hammad Rais, it was a fantastic trip!
  23. In a lovely post in My TravelCSP we get to see some interesting locations; can you identify them all?
  24. Len’s quote in his post in Len Journeys forms the basis for a truly fantastic post! Love the take on what tourism can do for people!
  25. Kristina put together an insightful and wonderful post in Looking for Enchantment; I agree that locations that are overrun by tourists lose much of their luster…
  26. David shares some rather amazing spots in hist post in David M’s Photoblog; Beeston Castle looks like a great climb to get to.
  27. Eric takes us into Rocky Mountain National Park in his post in Up North, where the view is simply stunning!
  28. In a magnificent post in A Day in the Life, we take a trip back into time during days of tourism from the 1980s!
  29. It looks like a lovely day for a bicycle ride in the photo in Take a Walk… and Discover; a ride around the park is always nice!
  30. There’s a great post in Scroll that draws us to the other side of the sea and the city of Dubai.
  31. Deb finds a location in Kimba that has an incredible display of what can be done to enhance the landscape in Twenty-Four; great choice!
  32. Tatiana takes us to a museum of on of my favorite artists in her blog Travelways: Salvador Dali has always intrigued me and this is one museum that is on my list!
  33. Brian put together one of the most amazing array of travel location in his post in bushboys world; all I can say is WOW! Thank you!
  34. Nandini features some wonderful temples in her post in queennandini and I am intrigued to visit some of these great locations!
  35. Woolly highlights some of the misgivings that I had about visiting Rome in a great post in Woolly Muses; I remember visiting the Colosseum off-season to be surrounded by the masses; it felt good to cross the street and visit the Palatine Hill for some more personable sauntering.
  36. Amy selects an interesting location for the photos that she processed in Photography Journal Blog: Mount Snowdon!
  37. If the photo that we see in Land of Images is any indication, the Lake District is a great area to explore!
  38. Susan shares a wonderful image of a dapper looking tour guide in her post in Musin’ with Susan; it’s quintessential shopping at the market! Also, please check out Susan’s week in review in Musin’ with Susan!
  39. I really love Ken’s take on the new role of the mermaid to being a background for selfies in his post in Pictures without Film; Ken and Kristina should compare notes on their experience!
  40. This week’s photo shared in sgeoil brings us to the edge of a labyrinth… will you enter it?
  41. In a wonderful post in OstendNomadography, Stef has us visit the city of Brașov in Romania; the monochrome approach is perfection!
  42. Sheetal’s post in her wonderful blog sheetalbravon takes us to the top of the Milan Cathedral, which is stunning!!
  43. As I’m pretty familiar with Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I can very much relate to some of the sentiments in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0! Yes, it has grown and parking is a nightmare! And it’s still a great little city!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 170

Sculpture everywhere…

Welcome to the 170th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

What an amazing set of sculptures were featured in your posts! It was especially wonderful to see some of the rather unusual sculptures that you captured in your adventures. It would be interesting to map all of your photos across the globe, as you covered a wide variety of locations; also, I noticed that some of your paths intersected across time, which gives that small planet feeling!

Thank you for a tremendous set of posts, which were a joy to read and peruse. I hope you had fun with them as well!

Here’s another piece of sculpture…


One of the wonderful discoveries during our trip to Italy, was the archaeological park ‘Gli Scavi di Ostia Antica’, which is a must visit, as it gives a great sense of what the ancient port city of Rome was like. During our wanderings through these excavations, we came upon this piece of sculpture below ground; it was worth getting there and finding this example of the cult of Mithras…

Please enjoy the following blog posts:

  1. Maria kicks things off in Reykjavik, Iceland, as she captures the Sun Voyager in her blog Kamerapromenader! Her approach is wonderful in these images!
  2. Sarah brings sculpture into perspective in her post in By Sarah; the photo looks amazing!
  3. This week’s incredible post in Don’t Hold Your Breath has us visiting the library of Celsus with some stunning sculptures!
  4. Brian features a couple of truly interesting sculptures in Bushboy’s World, both of which contrast one another nicely!
  5. This week’s post for the theme in pensivity101 goes very literary with a Midsummer Night’s Dream…fantastic!
  6. Na’ama takes us to a nice quiet break in Na’ama Yehuda, as we get wrapped up in a story during reading time…
  7. Sometimes a statue can look down on the passing crowds with a bit of disdain, as we see in theOnlyD800intheHameau! Great shot and sculpture!
  8. Indira brings us some amazing sculptures in her post in Sharing Thoughts; which is your favorite?
  9. Ken brings us a more ephemeral type of sculpture in his blog Pictures without Film; it’s stunning and looks right at home!
  10. In a wonderful post in the blog The Jesh Studio, we get to see a good variety of sculpture, some of which looks familiar…
  11. With another fantastic image, Chateaux des Fleurs brings us an amazing sculpture that makes me want to stop by and meet them!
  12. A very cool post in the59Club bids us all to come together with a great sculpture in Eschenbach and song to inspire us!
  13. Jackie may have shared only a single piece of sculpture in her post in Junk Boat Travels, but it’s filled with wonderful figures that made my mind fill with joy!
  14. Jase takes us to a significant memorial in Proscenium, as we visit the World Trade Center site.
  15. David finds sculpture in interesting places in his post in David M’s Photoblog; his photos are simply stunning!
  16. Teresa has us join her on a visit to Bilbao in her post in Travel with Tech, where we visit the Guggenheim Museum and can’t help but hang with Puppy!
  17. Marie’s wonderful post in the New 3Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect features a wonderful set of sculptures in Lisbon, which appear imprisoned…
  18. Ann-Christine gives us another view of the Sun Voyager in her post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…; she managed to find a moment without a ton of people…
  19. Xenia takes us to a wonderful location in her blog, Tranature, as we encounter great sculpture in Knockan Crag Nature Reserve. Xenia and her whippets provides us a more detailed view of these great sculptures in WhippetWisdom; a really awesome post!
  20. Debbie shares a fantastic image in her post Travel with Intent, which features the sculptures of Plensa; these sculptures are certainly intriguing! Another post in Travel with Intent has us visiting Moldova!
  21. Robert’s photo in Photo Roberts Blog highlights an interesting piece of sculpture, which he captured perfectly!
  22. Cee features some unusual sculptures in her post in Cee’s Photography; they have a very organic quality to them!
  23. Sandy takes to Nature in her post in Out of My Write Mind; the sculpture is something amazing!
  24. Woolly gets technical on us in a great post in Woolly Muses, and differentiates between sculpture and statue; his photos highlight both wonderfully and look fantastic!
  25. Lots of amazing sculpture in a wonderful post in Life Amazing, which has a couple that really make me smile!
  26. iball round the world gives us the opportunity to consider whether or not we would spend close to a million dollars on a rat…it’s a rather cool rat!
  27. Quincy has a great view of a some amazing sculptures in Q’s Place, which are definitely classics!
  28. That’s a very interesting piece of sculpture in For the Love of…; it brings a message with it!
  29. We get a gentle reminder in a very cool post in Heart 2 Heart, which is not to screw up! Of course, the reminder is in the form of sculpture!
  30. There is certainly something special about a bridge being protected by a monkey, as we see in Geriatri’x’ Fotogallery! Fantastic image!
  31. Jez takes their camera for a walk and the results are in the post in Jez Braithwaite, which is some fantastic images of cool sculpture!
  32. This week, we go Take a Walk and Discover... to encounter a truly stunning Buddha!
  33. Carol’s wonderful post in The Apples in my Orchard just makes me want to break out into a song and create some letters! Very cool sculpture!
  34. Kristina’s blog is looking for enchantment…, and judging from the post for this week’s theme, we should not disenchant her. Wonderful post and Gorgon!
  35. Eliza introduces us to some amazing sculpture in Silkeborg, Denmark, in her post in Albatz Adventures; I particularly like ‘Busting to pee’!
  36. Sonya shares a wonderful photo in her post in Middleton Road, which is very apt on the eve of a rugby match!
  37. Deb finds a really interesting piece of sculpture for her post in Twenty-Four; I’m just waiting for the horse to step forward!
  38. Sculpture can sometimes be extremely lifelike, as we see in A Day in the Life; what are your thoughts on these?
  39. There’s nothing light about the sculpture that we see in Land of Images; or maybe there is….
  40. In another great photo in OneMillionPhotographs, we get up close and personal with a lovely piece at the Art Institute of Chicago.
  41. A wonderful post in XingFuMama shows off some of the great sculpture at Seattle’s waterfront.
  42. Irene finds a watchful owl in her post in Heaven’s Sunshine, which is in Frederik Meijer Gardens; it’s stunning!
  43. A magnificent post in Len Journeys examines sculptures made of a variety of materials. I am very impressed with this array of images!
  44. A very interesting photo in Musin’ with Susan has us relaxing at the plaza, which is a great thing to do! Also, take a look at the challenges that Susan entered in this post in Musin’ with Susan!
  45. The circus is the focus of a magnificent post in One Letter Up – Diary 2.0; those are a lovely set of sculptures!

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round Up 163

Walk the forum!

Welcome to the 163rd round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

Your ancient thoughts were fantastic! You were creative in your approaches, ranging from matinees to mountains that hundreds of millions of years old! I very much enjoyed reading all your posts, some of which reminded me of my ancient life and made me chuckle.

All of you did a great job and I appreciate all the effort you put into your contributions!!

Here are some ancient bits…

Looking across the Forum

This look across the Forum Romanum is still one of my favorite views from our visit to Rome in 2017. In one view we get to see different periods of history from ancient Roman times to 20th century Italy.

  1. Sarah starts things this week in her post in By Sarah with something rather ancient: the granite hills in Mt Buffalo National Park!
  2. Brian’s post in Bushboy’s World takes us back into antiquity with a visit to Pompeii!
  3. This week’s post in Don’t Hold Your Breath tells of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and takes us to the temple of Artemis.
  4. We go to one of the locations that’s on my bucket list with another great post from theonlyD800inthehameau of the ancient city of Petra.
  5. Ken connects us through the mists of time in his post in Pictures without Film; wet feet were a small price to pay for that great shot!
  6. Na’ama brings us an ancient crush in her post in Na’ama Yehuda; the crush is literal, as olives were pressed into service!
  7. In Land of Images we go to the source of ancient Gyrolite, as we’re on the Isle of Skye!
  8. In this week’s wonderful entry in pensivity101, we find that ancient is relative…a bear as old as you might be ancient!
  9. Eliza put together a great post in Albatz Travel Adventures, as she brings us ancient runes from Denmark; I think Elves must have hailed from there!
  10. Joseph takes us along ancient paths in his post in Lillie-Put with wonderful photos and ancient hills!
  11. Jackie takes us to the dark side with a visit to the catacombs in her post in Junk Boat Travels: those are great sights in Rome!
  12. Ann-Christine explores the ancient contents of amber in an wonderful post in To See a World in a Grain of Sand…
  13. A great photo in Mostly Monochrome crosses the themes well with an ancient tower!
  14. Jase’s takes a very creative approach to the theme in Proscenium, which I definitely appreciate; love those ancient images!
  15. Maria’s contribution in Kamerapromenader shares a location that looks like it might be a portal to an alternate dimension…
  16. Erika brings us another awesome post in NoraVista, as she shares some truly ancient items from a tour with uncle Bill!
  17. Debbie takes us up the Acropolis in a great post in Travel with Intent; the Parthenon has to be stunning to see up close! She also brings us another wonderful post that has us following the floral path in Travel with Intent to the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
  18. In a lovely post in A Day In The Life, we get to visit the Cloisters, which may not be truly ancient, but make us feel like we’re there!
  19. Woolly starts ancient with the Colosseum in WoollyMuses, and then goes super ancient with the Great Dividing Range!
  20. Sandy brings us an ancient species in her post in Out of My Write Mind, as we learn about Sandhill Cranes.
  21. David brings us to south Cheshire in his post in David M’s Photoblog as we learn about an Iron Age fort on Bickerton Hill; those photos are just awesome!
  22. We learn a bit of history in Heart to Heart, as we explore one of the best known diamonds in the world! Great post!
  23. Deb brings us a bit of ancient technology and humor in her post in Twenty-Four! Beware of the evil phonebot!
  24. In another fantastic post in Suburban Tracks, we learn about the Island of Usedom in the Baltic Sea; great photography and story!
  25. A stunning post in Len Journeys takes us to Angkor, the epicenter of the Khmer empire; the photos are gorgeous and the information tells you what you need to know, if you want to go visit!
  26. Susan brings us a wonderful shot of the Colosseum in Musin’ with Susan; it looks like it was a good day to visit!
  27. Debbie brings us a truly insightful post in ForgivingConnects, as she explores the acceptance of ancient stories in our current relationships.
  28. Amy’s photo of ancient Delphi is fantastic in her post in Photography Journal Blog!
  29. Hammad takes us to something ancient: the Matinee! in a great post in the Blog of Hammad Rais. Very cool!
  30. With a great post in the Liggett Adventures we get to see a unique Roman amphitheater in Pulas.

Please let all of these great bloggers know your thoughts about their posts!

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